Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting


The foundation of Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting follows the international best-seller Blue Ocean Strategy, co-authored by Professors W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. Blue Ocean Strategy stems from over a decade of research identifying and deconstructing corporations’ key strategic moves. Blue Ocean Strategy is based on what works and is designed to maximise the organisation’s performance and growth.


Reinventing your business and penetrating New Market Space

Our objective is to apply the tried-and-tested tools of Blue Ocean Strategy to meet our clients’ needs. We consistently exceed expectations and deliver innovative growth ideas. The Blue Ocean approach also includes key knowledge transfer to help clients continue to create new markets, or recreate existing ones, at a lower cost but with increased value. Our focus is always to co-create uncontested market space with our clients, and this is what makes Blue Ocean Strategy unique and produces results that are instrumental in empowering profitable growth through opportunity-maximising and risk-minimising moves.

Teaming up with the best mind

As a certified member of the global Blue Ocean Strategy Community of Practice, we are a leading group of BOS practitioners. We enjoy a strong track record of generating breakthrough business ideas for clients across public and private sectors around the world. Our consultants and experts are committed to accurately represent the philosophy of Blue Ocean Strategy which counts Value Innovation, Co-creation and Sustainable Growth at its core.

8 Key Points of Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting

1 It’s grounded in data
2 It pursues differentiation and low cost
3 It creates uncontested market space
4 It empowers you through tools and frameworks
5 It provides a step-by-step process
6 It maximizes opportunity while minimizing risk
7 It builds execution into strategy
8 It shows you how to create a win-win outcome

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