Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting


The foundation of Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting follows the international best-seller Blue Ocean Strategy, co-authored by Professors W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. Blue Ocean Strategy stems from over a decade of research identifying and deconstructing corporations’ key strategic moves. Blue Ocean Strategy is based on what works and is designed to maximise the organisation’s performance and growth.

Co-creating Blue Ocean Strategy Through A Dynamic And Systematic Process

Using the key principles of Blue Ocean Strategy, we provide Strategy Formulation and Execution Consulting labs, as well as Advanced Facilitation and Simulation workshops.

Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation Workshops
This is intensive two-day simulation workshop enables clients to develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills. They will also gain a solid understanding of Blue Ocean Strategy and test drive its tools and freamework on business simulation cases
Blue Ocean Strategy Advanced Facilitation Programme
This is programme is a customised three-month programme designed to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy tools and framework to the client's strategic business areas. The results: the development of embryonic Blue Ocean Strategy idea and strategic options.
Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting: Strategy Formulation
Designed to help the client create uncontested market spaces and make the competition irrelevant, this unique service helps clients achieve rapid breakthrough success via strategic insights, thinking and corporate alignment using a four-step approach: Visual Awakening, Visual Strategy Creation, Visual Exploration, Visual Strategy Fair
Blue Ocean Strategy consulting: Project-based Execution
Developed to assist clients overcome common organisational hurdles and minimise management risks, this service brings Blue Ocean Strategy ideas to life. The focus is set on achieving high impact result in a short period of time, utilising Blue Ocean Strategy tools and methodology to identify hot spots, cold spots and efficient allocation of resources
Blue Ocean Coaching
Clients will be coached using the principles of Blue Ocean leadership to advance towards specific and clearly defined professional goals. These goals include performance management, the enhancement of strategic thinking, effective conflict management, interpersonal and professional communication, organisational effectiveness, the management of career and personal changes, the development of executive presence, as well as effective team building in their respective organisations.

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