“Future-Ready” Digital Upskiling Programmes​

"Future-Ready" Digital Upskiling Programmes

UCSI Consulting Group’s “Future-Ready” digital upskilling programmes aim to increase your employees’ digital literacy, as well as to equip them with capabilities that will ensure therir relevance now and in the future.

Programmes: Agile Ways of Working workshop

Duration: 3 days
Programmes:  Understanding Digital Transformation workshop
Duration: 1 day
Programmes:  Planning Digital Transformation workshop
Duration: 3 days
Programmes: Digital Accelaration workshop
Duration: 2 days
Programmes: Risk and Governance workshop
Duration: 1 days
Programmes: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) workshop
Duration: 3 days
Programmes: Data-driven Decision Making workshop
Duration: 3 days
Programmes: Design Thinking Basics for Executives workshop
Duration: 2 days
Programmes: Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (STRATX) workshop
Duration: 3 days or 4 days