In the world of business, strategy often decides if you make it or break it. What is the game plan, are you building your business or defending it? Are you reacting or disrupting it? 50 Shades of Strategy is a series featuring elements of strategic practice, which we believe it is crucial for every organization especially those who are hit by current economic situation.
During this series, Mr. Raj Kumar, the CEO of UCSI Consulting Group will talk about 3 broad elements:
Strategy (vehicle), Innovation (fuel) and Leadership (driver). Download the 6 episodes to find out more.

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The Definition of Trust

Date: 15 oct 2018

Often, communication, leadership skills, and motivation are huge topics of discussion in the workplace, but we tend to neglect the concept of trust and why it’s so important for a productive team. Samuel Kurian, the Chief Executive of Changernomics and senior consultant for Reina Trust Building Institute, speaks all about trust in the workplace and why it’s important.
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