Professional Development Centre


We approach international solutions through customised training programmes which speak to the particular needs of the local audience, yet examine the issues at hand through a global lens. This experience is ideal for managers, executives and organisations seeking to thrive in the rapidly changing, diverse, highly competitive, global business environment.

With a diverse and strong faculty drawn exclusively from both practitioners and academia, our coaches are acknowledged leaders and innovators in their field, what is it like? Executive development at UPDC is about learning which is focused, practical and immediately applicable to the task at hand. Select from a wide variety of relevant business topics, and use the new skills and trusted extensions techniques you will learn at the office tomorrow.

Professional Development Courses

  • Effective Presentation Skills

    This training takes a practical approach to help participants develop effective presentations delivery habits, use impactful presentation structures and build confidence to influence successfully.

    Duration: 2 days

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

    This programme takes a practical approach to identify the dynamics of problem solving, the different kinds of thinking needed and the necessary tools that can be used to facilitate effective decision-making.

    Duration: 2 days

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Leader of the New Era understand that ever-involving challenges demand the skill to work with people. By focusing on EQ and providing new insights on how the brain works, this workshop is designed to realise one’s leadership potential.

    Duration: 2 days

  • High Impact Communication

    Effective communication skills are essential in an ever-competitive business climate. Focusing on practical approaches that make good communicators stand out, this programme is designed to equip participants with the communication skills and confidence to make the telling difference in any negotiation.

    Duration: 2 days

  • Effective Strategies to Manage Time and Stress

    People who know how to manage stress and time effectively will not find their jobs enriching and this, in return, adversely affects their personal lives. This workshop adopts a practical approach to identify the sources of stress and poor time management. More importantly, it focuses on effective strategies to overcome them.

    Duration: 2 days

  •  Business English Online(Spoken and Written-one on one interaction 
    Duration: 2 days
  • Effective Strategies for Leading and Managing Change

    this module takes a practical approach to equip leaders with innovative change mindsets. They will be coached to communicate changes with clarity and mobilise others to adopt the changes involved. More crucially, they will be coached to develop the tenacity and wisdom involved in sustaining effective change to drive business results.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Learning and Influencing across Generation

    Focused on providing insights on the four workplace generations in the workforce, this module empowers participants with an in-depth understanding of the differing characteristics of each demographic. Participants will  be well-equipped with practical leadership skills and the know-how to engage effectively with the different generations, driving business goals and motivational skills to facilitate peak performance and goal alignment.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Conflict Management

    Effective problem solving and decision-making skills are essential in maximising work performance. This programme takes a practical approach to help participants manage conflicts effectively.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Emotional Intelligence for leaders

    Leaders of the New Era understanding that ever-involving challenges demand the skills to work ith people. By focusing on EQ and providing new insights on how the brain works, this workshop is designed to realise one’s leadership potential.

    Duration : 2 days

  • High Impact Communication for Leader

    Designed for business leaders and members of the C-suite, this programme encourages participants to develop excellent communication skills that are crucial in influencing outcomes and acing negotiations. Based on a practical approach that employs the best practices of effective communicators, this programme is designed with one thing in mind: The impact it will have on your work.

    Duration : 2 days

  • From Managing to Coaching

    Every leader is a mentor and coach by default. At the heart of every leader’s role is the task to guide, teach and hold to account those whom they lead in order to ensure the delivery of business goals. This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills to confidently coach and mentor others in a wide variety of work-related situations.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Effective Supervisory Skills and How to Manage Subordinates with High or Low Productivity

    Learn to ensure the success of team goals by building a strong team, coach other effectively in order to achieve improved performance, instil a strong sense of team accountability to deliver results and develop the understanding to work well in a diversified working environment.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Negotiation Skills for Leader

    This module is tailor-made for participants who are seeking to enhance their negotiation and influencing skill to an advanced level to achieve a higher degree of success. It is relevant  for challenging situations involving disagreements on issues like pricing, deadlines, budgets and resources.

    Duration : 2 days

  • Scenario Planning for Leaders

    Scenario module will help leaders envision the future clearly, anticipating trends and potential consequences. They will be able to navigate the future, craft plausible scenarios for their own business, anticipate hidden weaknesses and inflexibility in organisations and methods.

    Duration : 2 days
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist

    Certified by SAS – the world’s market leader for analytics – this comprehensive two-level programme exposes learners to a wide range of analytical content and blended approach that covers several programming languages. It includes coursework from big data and advance analytics programmes, combining theory with hands-on practice though a series of individual and team projects.

    Duration : 10 month

  • eCornell- Ivy League Professional Development (A programme by Cornell University)

    Personally developed by the faculty on Cornell University, this programme covers a wide range of topics including leadership and management, marketing and technology, human resources, healthcare, as well  as hospitality, among oyhers. Learn in an interactive, small cohort format and gain  skills you can immediately apply in your respective organisations. Earn and executive certificate from Cornell.

    Duration : 2 weeks per module