Professional Development Centre

Schulich Executive Education Asia is the pioneer education centre endorsed by Schulich School of Business in Canada to develop an international training solution in South East Asia.
We approach international solutions through customised training programmes which speak to the particular needs of the local audience, yet examine the issues at hand through a global lens. This experience is ideal for managers, executives and organisations seeking to thrive in the rapidly changing, diverse, highly competitive, global business environment.

With a diverse and strong faculty drawn exclusively from both practitioners and academia, our coaches are acknowledged leaders and innovators in their field. Executive development at Schulich is about learning which is focused, practical and immediately applicable to the task at hand. Select from a wide variety of relevant business topics at Schulich today, and use the new skills and techniques you will learn at the office tomorrow.


Open Enrolment Programs

This programme combines a variety of learning modalities to ensure optimal programme effectiveness, relevance and learning retention with elements of applied learning, e-learning, informal and social learning.


Customised Programs

This high impact training is focused on developing the required competencies of emerging, future and high potential leaders with a unique blend of individual and group practical application and coaching.