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Strategy Formulation is designed to help clients create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant, this unique approach helps to achieve fast breakthrough success via strategic insights, thinking and corporate alignment using a four-step approach of Visual Awakening, Visual Exploration, Visual Strategy Creation and Visual Strategy Fair.

Through this approach you will:

  • Co-create strategic options that are validated through fieldwork and market research
  • Develop innovative and commercially viable BOS ideas
  • Achieve profitable growth through our focus on Value Innovation
Project Based Execution is developed to assist our clients in overcoming common organisational hurdles, thus minimising management risk. We support our clients in bringing the BOS ideas to life and achieving high impact results in a short period of time. The BOS tools and methodology are utilised in identifying hot spots, cold spots and efficient allocation of resources.

Through this approach you will:

  • Overcome common organisational hurdles and minimise management risk
  • Achieve high impact results in a short period of time
  • Develop structured high-level action plans and detailed work plans for efficient execution
In Action Workshop
In-Action Workshop is a customised two-day program designed to apply the BOS tools and frameworks to the client’s strategic business areas in developing embryonic BOS ideas and strategic options. The client will also experience and gain insights during the strategy formulation process.
Through this engagement you will:

  • Learn and apply the Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks to your company’s strategic areas
  • Develop embryonic Blue Ocean Strategy ideas and quick wins
  • Internalise the Blue Ocean Strategy tools and frameworks to develop future innovative initiatives
Simulation Workshop is an intensive two-day workshop that enables the client to develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills, gain a solid understanding of BOS and test drive the BOS tools and frameworks on business simulation cases.

Through this engagement you will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of BOS
  • Test drive the BOS tools and frameworks on business simulation cases
  • Develop your strategic thinking and enhance problem solving skills


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In the world of business, strategy often decides if you make it or break it. What is the game plan, are you building your business or defending it? Are you reacting or disrupting it? 50 Shades of Strategy is a series featuring elements of strategic practice, which we believe it is crucial for every organization especially those who are hit by current economic situation.
During this series, Mr. Raj Kumar, the CEO of UCSI Consulting Group will talk about 3 broad elements:
Strategy (vehicle), Innovation (fuel) and Leadership (driver). Download the 6 episodes to find out more.

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Blue Ocean Strategy Public Workshop

To register for this public workshop or to find out more about customizable Blue Ocean Strategy programmes, please contact: P.Prema Devi (+6012 979 3839,

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