UCSI Leadership Development Centre


The UCSI Leadership Development Centre works to be a leading authority that champions the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Seeking to promote SDG Goal 16 that focuses on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, the Centre works with youth leader to promote leadership for diversity and inclusion. The Centre is also working its way towards Regional Center of Expertise recognition by the United Nations University – the official research and academic arm of the UN.

 The Centre currently hosts an engaging programme called “Transformative Peace Education for Sustainable Development in a Multiracial Context”. Providing participants with deep insights on societal challenges at the national and international level,the programme is designed to nurture practical skills, competencies, personal attributes and a deep sense of responsibility.

There are 3 tracks under this programme, namely, the Secondary Education Track, the Tertiary Track and the Corporate Track. These tracks are customised to suit the differing needs of participants.

Corporate companies  can  now invest in the future and impact tomorrow’s leaders through this unique initiative.


Secondary Education


750 students plus a further 6,000 others from three high schools (with the estimate of 2,000 students per school)


Tertiary Education


360 students from at least 10 universities plus another 1,800 high school students(from 60 school)




140 participant

Blue Ocean Leadership Labs

Blue Ocean Leadership ActionLab is a one to three-month programme designed to involve and strategically align managers from all levels of your organisation. Senior managers establish their vision and goals at the top organisational level at www.cctvquoter.co.uk which are then cascaded down to managers at various levels, in real targets, practical actions and new leadership profiles developed using Blue Ocean Leadership. By institutionalising Blue Ocean Leadership at all levels in your company, you create buy-in and plant strong seeds for implementation amongst your employees. Hence, this approach to leadership across your organisation allows you to achieve high impact results fast and at low cost.

By joining this program, you will:

  • Learn Blue Ocean Leadership and accompanying tools and frameworks
  • Develop new leadership profiles for managers of various levels by identifying leadership acts and activities to eliminate, reduce, raise and create.
  • Increase engagement between managers of all levels by strategically aligning them to your company’s vision and goals
  • Improve retention, reduce operational cost and enhance the overall output quality