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Client Testimonials

The BOS process gave us totally new perspectives and insights. Apart from that, we were intrigued with the case examples shared by the BOS team which got us thinking and stimulated some great ideas in line with our business philosophy. The output of the BOS process was well received by our Headquarters in Europe during our last Global Summit.

Rudolf Kitzbichler,
Former Managing Director, Halton Group Asia

The BOS process gave us totally new perspectives and insights. Apart from that, we were intrigued with the case examples shared by the BOS team which got us thinking and stimulated some great ideas in line with our business philosophy. The output of the BOS process was well received by our Headquarters in Europe during our last Global Summit.

Martini Abd Aziz
Head of Group Organizational Learning,

I am very impressed with the initiatives developed by the team and very remarkable effort in transforming the Faculty of Business and Management into ASEAN College of Business through Blue Ocean Strategy. This is a big turning point and with the new direction we will be at the competitive edge and forefront in the Education Industry.

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Prof. Ir Dr
Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar FASc, Peng,
Vice Chancellor, UiTM

UCSI Consulting Group excellently guided us in our Innovation Journey for over 3 years. We have worked together in different aspects of our business, from enhancing SOPs, to supporting devising the master plan for a flagship development. As we move forward in our journey to be a catalyst of change, transforming Iskandar Malaysia into a strong, sustainable conurbation of international standing, we are confident that we are empowered with the proper tools, knowledge and insight of Blue Ocean Strategy to make our goals a reality. Thanks to UCSI Consulting Group.

Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Majid,
Senior Vice President,
Human Capital Management Department

Recently, we held our first ever Board and Management Offsite Meeting to chart our growth and development plans moving forward, using the tools of “Blue Ocean Strategy”. The Blue Ocean Strategy that we have charted for Integrax consists of plans to expand our port facilities and integrate our operations along the value chains of the many raw materials which flow through our ports. We are at the tip of Blue Oceans, ready to set sail into a vast sea of “Value Innovation…”.

Mohamad Tajol Rosli Bin Mohd Ghazali,
Integrax Berhad

We have attended previous workshops and had consultants coming in but it was all too complex and did not help us. We have been trying to create breakthrough ideas, products and opportunities with little success. With the tools we have learnt from BOS, it is practical, simple and a lot of it is common sense. The concept of looking to noncustomers is a great example on how we translate this tool quickly to our business.

Dr Angeline Achariya
Product Design Manager, Innovation,
Fonterra Australia

The concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy provided useful analytical frameworks and tools for strategic planning especially in the context of a regional organisation such as SEACEN. We were able to utilise some of the BOS tools in our Strategic Business Planning exercise, creating added value to our stakeholders.

Seow Yun Yee,
Senior Manager, Communications,
The SEACEN Centre

Despite the short time period and Business as usual demands, the BOS team helped to develop innovative ideas and also generate new creative concepts to grow in saturated markets. Our team has also gained a deeper understanding of the line of business and discovered the importance of “Voice” of customers and distributors during the interviews they conducted. This seems to be one the most significant added values of the BOS process. It gave us alternative points of view and other insights.

Paul De Cooman, Chief Executive Officer,
AXA Luxembourg

The BOS team has been able to take our business challenge and provide high level professional expertise in develop our plan encompassing multiple initiatives using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework and tools.

As a result of the engagement, Nitritex's revenue increased by double-digits in a little over a year. On top of that, the knowledge transfer from the engagement has also been invaluable. This helps us to continuously recreate our own Blue Oceans.

Steve Morgan,
Director - Nitritex Malaysia

The most valuable gain from the BOS workshop was the willingness of the team to push the boundaries within such a regulated industry. I personally think the tools used were a powerful resource to systematically guide the team in exploring uncharted territories and come out with exciting innovative initiatives.

A big thank you to BOS Team for being truly customer focus in providing value added support, and really ploughed in extra effort to ensure the workshop was a success.

Christine Chong, Head of Strategic
Marketing & Sales, MSD Malaysia

Guardian Malaysia embarked on a Blue Ocean journey with UCSI Consulting Group in 2013. The team introduced the BOS systematic approach to Guardian’s Senior Management team and apply the BOS tools on Guardian’s overall business in order to define high level BOS ideas.

This project helped us to break the silos between different departments by having cross departmental teams and tackle execution hurdles in a systematic way; improving productivity and communication inter and intra departments.

Loi Liang Tok,
Then COO, GCH Retail Malaysia

BOS team has done a good job in strategizing and coaching the growth team to generate game changing ideas and plans to execute them.

Roshan Thiran, Then Director of Operations

We have had the thought that BOS are meant for big companies and it’s going to be very costly to find and conquer Blue Ocean Market for small company like us. The BOS team are great guys armed with great tools that help us find our Blue Ocean methodologically.

Jason Lee
Owner, Softinn Solutions

It has completely changed my perspective of how to build and run a successful business. It’s literally a “Visual Awakening” to me as the title of the first module of this session suggests. BOS coaching session allowed us to redefine and rethink our business in a different perspective, sharpening our business skill as a foundation of the business. This session has also inspired us to think outside the box and to use effective, proven methods to innovate and differentiate ourselves from our competitors or rather create a brand new ‘blue ocean’ category.

Chee How Lim
Founder, Tapway

The BOS coaching sessions made us identify areas of the business which we were clearly neglecting before and repositioned our business priorities effectively.

Christy Ng, Owner

Raj Kumar’s foundation knowledge of and articulation in Blue Ocean Strategy and the processes are without doubt impressive. His visible trait would definitely be his friendly disposition.

Ramlan Osman,
Senior VP in Special Innovations Unit,
Prime Minister’s Office, Malaysia

This Blue Ocean Seminar was very informative and very interactive. That is the thing I liked about it most. It is a blend of teaching and then practice to apply the tools. So I find it very effective, very productive and very efficient.

Amy Muranko-Gahan
Founding Director, Global Impact, USA
Global Impact Phils Foundation, Philippines

Buyer experience cycle (one of the tools used in BOS) was another great insight for us to be customer centric, seeing the whole business idea from the customers’ perspective. Just by merely identifying the pain points, it did make us realize we can actually innovate and fine tune the processes in the customer’s experience cycle and makes a lot of difference. In fact, it is interesting for us to think how to improve and twist the pain point into some positive experience.

Loh Kok Hin
Director, RedTick

The BOS processes allow us to increase buyer value and reduce cost through the principle of value innovation and implementing them in the right strategic sequence. To distinguish our product from the offerings of competitors in order to make it more attractive to the target market, the conventional wisdom is that some of the businesses need to spend a lot of money to make the product unique. In BOS, however, if the value-cost trade-off is not broken down, competitors can easily duplicate our strategy and we will end up being in the red ocean again. To do this, we need to be bold enough to strip away or reduce any unnecessary costs that do not add value.

Angeline Choo, Director,
Bio Tree Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd.

Raj is a passionate, knowledgeable, and engaging public speaker on Blue Ocean Strategy. Raj was a plenary speaker at the 2014 Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Conference in Hong Kong attended by over 300 individuals. At the Conference he helped to articulate the link between D&I and competitive advantage in a similar vein to the BOS approach. It was also a pleasure to moderate a insightful Q&A following his presentation. Afterwards many attendees approached Community Business with their positive feedback on Raj's plenary insightful presentation. I highly recommend Raj for his speaking ability and in-depth knowledge of the BOS.

Sophie Guerin
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager at
Community Business

Both Blue Ocean Strategy sessions organized by Octara in Lahore and Karachi received excellent feedback from all the participants from the leading organizations of Pakistan. BOS content, your presentation, knowledge on the subject and  overall facilitation capability were consistently of a high quality and best of all engaging. Importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and learning opportunities inherent in each simulation exercise, while challenging the participants to clarify and determine their own answers and finally to present professionally as a group reflecting a strong understanding about each framework. We feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos and slides were extremely engaging.It was great to have experienced the UCSI team delivering a high concept programme with so much energy. Thanks a lot! Blue Oceans Ahoy!

Jamil Janjua, CEO & Muhammad Arif,
Head, Octara.

The BOS methodology gave us a new perspective. The tools introduced in the workshop are easy to understand. I could apply BOS and its tools together with my team members right away after the workshop.

Dato’ Dr. Vincent,
Assistant Vice President of Marketing,
Genting Malaysia Berhad

The ability to conceptualize and visualize Blue Ocean Strategy into just a few graphical charts is amazing.

Ng Kok Yee,
Global Treasury,
OCBC Bank Malaysia

Raj made us think and took our strategies out from red ocean to the blue ocean.

National Sales Manager,
Toyota Indus Motors, Pakistan

BOS tools and Framework are excellent tools for planning purposes.

Wan Zainuddin Bin Wan Muda,
Vice President, Head of Human Capital
Services, SME Bank

Excellent Experience. We can implement the learning in our day to day activities to create more blue oceans.

Syed Shauket Abbas,
Country Head Consumer,
TCS Express & Logistics

Not only thinking outside the box, but we are encouraged to think there’s no box. Sometimes what is impossible can be restructured to create new possibilities.

Kamaruddin bin Mohd Nor,
GM and Director,
Total Logistics Services

This was great learning experience as we are also in a phase where we want to expand.

Ghazanfar Farooq,
Trade Marketing Manager,
Hilal Foods

BOS coaching spawned a lot of new ideas, and now we began to clearly see how we could devise our Blue Ocean Strategies for HighrisePro. By the time the session was coming to a close, we had a clear direction on the ideas and strategies that we wanted to implement to take HighrisePro to the next level!

Yuvan Kumar & Ahmad Yazid Datuk
HighrisePro Malaysia

I engaged the BOS Team to be a sounding board for my business. They were extremely helpful in providing useful information and strategic advice. They provided valuable research documents which helped us in our business. They also opened the door to some banks which helped us in our operations.

K. Mohan Kumar,
Love On Wheels Healthcare Services

The reform agenda of USM under the APEX framework constitutes a radical revision of what education should be in the present day and provides encouragement to tertiary institutions confronting the challenging issue of being a world class university. Such a transformation entails engaging with and articulating how USM can truly transform itself and succeed in a global context that is competitive and often unequal. This is a testimony that the Blue Ocean Strategy can be effectively adopted in an institution of higher learning.

Dato' Seri Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin,
Minister of Higher Education Malaysia

BOS is very informative, thought awakening & strategic approach, which would help to penetrate and/or create new markets to achieve better performance.

B. Mannan,
General Manager,
Transworld Projects

BOS tools are very strong tools for strategic business planning.

Dr. Osman Zakaria,
General Manager,
Sirim Berhad

I think everybody should know & practice BOS – a game changer.

Rosli Bin Kp Mohamed Yoosuf,
Director, Mimos Berhad

Friendly, knowledgeable and skilful facilitation that helps you dissect and understand BOS better.

Mohd Azman bin Mohd Alwy,
Senior Assistant Director,
Polytechnic Education Department, MOE

The best part of Blue Ocean Strategy is that it gives in-depth knowledge of how to break away from the traditional way of doing business; do something which is changing the landscape of the business.

Subramaniam A/L Sandracasen,
Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council,
Ministry of Health Malaysia

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UCSI Consulting Group is a leading independent boutique strategy consultancy helping our clients test, validate and implement innovative strategies through our insight driven approach.

Our team has over 80 years’ combined experience in delivering innovative strategies and over the last 15 years we have worked with more than 300 companies via our two divisions Strategy Consulting and Human Resource Consulting working with clients in Malaysia and abroad ranging from start-ups to MNCs and GLCs. Our strategy consultants focus on strategy formulation and implementation, support decision-making via our cutting-edge research and analysis and help clients achieve goals.

Our human resource consultants work with clients to develop internal strength via talent. We provide a range of proven and customisable talent development programmes that range from team building to leadership development. As a licensed Blue Ocean Strategy consultancy, our clients from either Strategy or Human Resource Consulting can also opt for exclusive Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting services.

Why do you need a strategy consultant?

Many assume you have to be a large multinational company or in financial trouble to need a strategy consultant. Any company can get stuck in a business-as-usual approach to planning and performance. It appears the easiest approach because teams no longer consider other growth options because they are unaware of them. Even when there is an in-house strategy team, our unique approach is designed to move away from the business-as-usual approach without losing sight of core strengths and capabilities to drive growth and profit. Perhaps you are a start-up in the process of a fund-raising round – what differentiates your business plan from competitors? How will you ensure that your goals are met? How will you deal with execution hurdles?

UCG offers highly customised consulting support with our clients choosing from strategy development to market research and beyond. Our consultancy team is supported by excellent market and industrial research which our clients regularly utilise.


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Future talent, talent retention, training, HRD registered, curated programmes, leadership, trust, teambuilding, strategic innovation, high impact communication skills, business process reengineering (BPR), Agile project management. Find out more!

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

UCG is exclusive license holder of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and Blue Ocean Leadership (BOL) projects, programmes and engagements in Malaysia, the ASEAN region, the Middle East, South Asia. Blue Ocean Strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant. It is based on the view that market boundaries and industry structure are not a given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs of industry players.

In their classic book, Blue Ocean Strategy, Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne coined the terms 'red ocean' and 'blue ocean' to describe the market universe. Where red oceans denote a competitive market driven by undercutting rivals, blue oceans denote all the industries not in existence today – the unknown market space, untainted by competition. In blue oceans, demand is created rather than fought over. There is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid. Both Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift books have been recognized as two of the most impactful strategy books of our time and featured as a bestseller on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s bestseller lists.

Blue Ocean Strategy is grounded in research of more than 30 different industries and the strategic moves taken to differentiate and succeed. This has resulted in defined frameworks and tools of analysis that UCG has over 14 years’ of experience of cocreating blue ocean shifts with over 100 clients. We offer workshops, studios and customized consultancy engagements to drive strategic thinking, strategy development and execution.


What is Blue Ocean Leadership?

Blue ocean leadership focusses on specific acts and activities leaders need to undertake as opposed to general behavioural re-evaluation of conventional leadership programmes. The BOL process can be launched at all management levels or deployed at one of these levels. In the case of small companies or startups, this process can well be applied to the one or two management levels that are present. As long as an organization has its deliverables and performance goals, blue ocean leadership has a key role to play in uplifting performance. If you want to increase employee engagement, learn how to motivate people to excel and act with commitment get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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