Blue Ocean Strategies Reflections by Dr. Raj Kumar


As we come to the tail end of the year, it’s that time again to stop and reflect and this year is no different despite being a roller coaster ‘VUCA’ year. To help us in the process, I have put together 7 strategic questions that we can ask ourselves as leaders, which will help us reflect 2020 and plan for 2021.  Here we go;

  1. What worked in 2020?  Yes you heard me right, what are some successful pivots that worked in terms of product or service? It’s ok if it’s a small tweak but it’s good to keep stock of what worked! 
  2. What would you have done different if you could go back in time to January 2020? This helps with the visioning process of 2021
  3. What are some good and bad strategic decisions that you have made? What led you to them? Reflect. 
  4. What new values do you need introduce in order to pivot the culture? For example flexibility, agility, positivity, etc.
  5. What resources do you need or must have for 2021? How can you be resourceful? Who can you collaborate with in order to get these resources? 
  6. What can you do to create certainty for 2021? That’s right because 2020 has created enough volatility and change so some form of certainty will help with performance.  
  7. Lastly, What’s your fresh vision for 2021! It could be a dream or a goal. If not start dreaming again.  Seek sources of inspiration and insights!

With that, may you have many breakthroughs in 2021! May you be Bigger, Better and more Blue Ocean! 

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas !