Blue Ocean Strategies Reflections by Dr. Raj Kumar

As we come to the tail end of the year, it’s that time again to stop and reflect and this year is no different despite being a roller coaster ‘VUCA’ year. To help us in the process, I have put together 7 strategic questions that we can ask ourselves as leaders, which will help us reflect […]

Make 2021 A Year of Breakthrough Innovation by Dr. Raj Kumar

Innovation doesn’t necessarily have to be a random ‘Big Bang’ kind of event but it can be an intentional systematic process to cultivate an environment which can foster great innovative ideas. This is the season to be creative and innovative plus it doesn’t just have to be limited to certain individuals in the company, but […]

From Survival To Revival

Korean Airline

Know your ABCs– Awesome Value Proposition, Business Model, Cashflow Management Crisis is the mother of innovation and now is the time to think Blue Ocean Strategy. We have to move beyond survival mode into revival mode. We need to change our thinking from being a Realist to an Optimist and finally a Revivalist! Blue Ocean […]