From Survival To Revival

Korean Airline

Know your ABCs– Awesome Value Proposition, Business Model, Cashflow Management Crisis is the mother of innovation and now is the time to think Blue Ocean Strategy. We have to move beyond survival mode into revival mode. We need to change our thinking from being a Realist to an Optimist and finally a Revivalist! Blue Ocean […]

Industrial Revolution 4.0: Manufacturer’s Gold Mine ?

The first industrial revolution introduced mechanization and steam power to industry. The second introduced electric power and mass-production, and the third introduced electronics, information technology, and automated production. Today, the fourth industrial revolution, or “Industry 4.0” is all about integration using digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT).   Manufacturers can now integrate machines and systems online, […]

Navigating Rough Seas!

There is a wise saying “Rough seas make good sailors”. If view of that as business leaders we need to navigate strategically during a storm. Here are my 5 tips to keep the business going:   Continue to be Productive; with all the technological advances, use tools that can help with business continuity. My favorites […]