Upskill & Reskill in Bits and Bytes


Microlearning is all about getting your employees into eLearning in small bursts of content that they can extract at their convenience and comprehend in a short time. This is contrary to the hefty tomes they would typically get in conventional eLearning courses that studies have shown to be relatively ineffective in terms of learner commitment and knowledge retention.corporations’ key strategic moves. Blue Ocean Strategy is based on what works and is designed to maximise the organisation’s performance and growth.


Through the microlearning platform, Gnowbe, UCSI Consulting Group has partnered with NEXLeaders, to provide microlearning courses where employees can upskill and reskill themselves with programs ranging from sales, digital marketing to leadership in times of uncertainty while learning in bits and bytes, on the Go and available at their convenience. This platform also allows the employer to assign, track, monitor and measure the employees’ progress on the platform among other capabilities. Furthermore, the microleaning program is HRDF claimable. We would like to offer you a small dose of this novel way of learning.

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