Our Senior Management Team

Dato' Peter Ng


Dato’ Peter Ng is the founder and CEO of UCSI Group – a conglomerate that operates in education, consultancy, healthcare, hotels, property and technology.

The Group began with education as its niche when Ng founded a humble computer training institute on a shoestring budget of RM2,000 in 1986. Today, that institute has grown to become UCSI University – Malaysia’s best private university in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. Ranked in the top 2% of all universities in the world, UCSI is the only Malaysian private university in the world’s top 500. It also stands out as one of the world’s top 70 universities under 50 years old.

After relinquishing the role of vice-chancellor in 2010, Ng focused on the overarching growth strategy for UCSI Group. UCSI expanded rapidly and more than 20 subsidiaries are now parked under the UCSI umbrella. The Group’s many ventures are anchored on a commitment to sustainability and every endeavour is anchored on value innovation.

The Group’s rapid growth is best evinced by its ever-increasing reach. UCSI presently runs two hotels – an eponymous luxury establishment in Kuching and a boutique hotel in Kuala Lumpur – and more establishments will be launched in the future. Its healthcare division is also in the midst of completing the first phase of a 1,000-bed hospital project in Springhill, Negeri Sembilan. Once completed, UCSI Hospital will complement current operations that involve a skin science centre and a general clinic. UCSI’s growth spurts are facilitated by its property division that has successfully completed a major campus expansion which added more than 1 million ft2 to the University’s operational capacity. In education, UCSI has successfully cast a wider net, providing industry-acclaimed offerings at all levels of education from preschool to postgraduate studies to professional certification.

Ng was also instrumental in establishing UCSI Consulting Group – a leading management strategy provider that focuses on Blue Ocean Strategy, leadership training and professional development. Today, UCSI’s consulting arm counts many of the world’s best companies as its clients. Ever on the lookout for new business opportunities, Ng is also spearheading UCSI’s foray in the mobile network industry, internet provision and wireless solutions.

Ever passionate about learning, Ng believes that leaders must be faithful, available and teachable. Committed to groom tomorrow’s leaders, Ng makes time in his hectic schedule to hone the calibre of high potentials. Mentoring sessions are frequently held and these are not limited to UCSI Group employees. Ng’s own qualities are constantly recognised and he has won top entrepreneurial awards in recent years. Despite the many accolades, Ng retains his down to earth persona by delighting in the simpler pleasures of life – often a game of basketball that he indulges every other day. Never one to forget his roots and the struggles of his early life, Ng frequently contributes to charitable causes. He returns to his hometown whenever he can.

Ng resides in Kuala Lumpur with his wife, Datin Lily. They are the proud parents of four children, Christopher, Natasha, Shamaine and Nathaniel.

Dr Raj Kumar


Dr Raj Kumar is the CEO of UCSI Consulting Group. Having served in several listed Multinational Companies, his forte in consulting is anchored with a sea of experience, ranging from the setting up of business operations to strategic planning, innovation and project execution.

Since his career set sail, Raj has netted the prestigious Chairman’s most consistent performer award by Informatics Holdings Ltd and top candidate award for strategic business analysis by NCC Education Worldwide. Amongst Raj’s key achievements include being promoted as the youngest Vice President in UCSI Group’s history.

An excellent communicator with a gifted mind, Raj is a certified Consultant and Practitioner from the Blue Ocean Strategy-Initiative Centre of Professors Kim and Mauborgne, co-creators of Blue Ocean Strategy. The companies he has hooked up in deploying and implementing Blue Ocean Strategy consist of international firms, billion dollar conglomerates and government-lead companies. His portfolio includes the formulation of Blue Ocean Strategies for the No. 1 Global Pharmaceutical company, the largest bank in Asia, the largest media agency in Asia, a leading education institution in South East Asia and a mega property development project in the region. Raj has also has conducted programmes on Blue Ocean Strategy across North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, interacting with participants from over 25 countries.

Raj holds a doctorate degree in Business and Administration from UCSI University (Malaysia) majoring in organizational innovation. He also holds a Master of Science in Strategic Business from University of Portsmouth (UK), a Postgraduate Diploma from NCC Education (UK) where he graduated top of his class and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Information Technology majoring in Project Management from University Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia).