HR Strateg & Solutions

HR Strategy & Solutions

HR services are one of today’s most highly demanded professional services for competitive, performance-based companies. Whether you are an SME or a large global business, human resource management has become a mandatory business function and is now, more than ever, challenging.

If you are starting up, scaling up, undergoing HR process improvement or business expansion, a wide range of HR challenges come your way. These could range from HR policy development and implementation to alignment of People, Processes and Technology with your business strategy. We can provide the partnership and support you need - from HR strategy development to digitalizing the HR function.

Hiring outside HR expert partners can help you solve a multitude of problems, no matter the size of your organisation. For small businesses starting up, medium-sized businesses with an overworked HR function, or larger firms seeking HR System implementation or outside HR expertise that is not influenced by internal organisational politics, UCSI Consulting Group can help achieve organizational excellence through people.

UCSI Consulting Group is Malaysia's one-stop HR solution provider that offers our clients simple, practical, sensible HR solutions that help them achieve their business objectives consistent with their culture. We not only provide recommendations and solutions but help our clients implement to gain maximum value. Our goal is to provide trusted consulting expertise to assist in creating the right talent and organizational structures and processes that will support the greater organization from People, to Process, to Power.

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